Sante Fe Recommodations

Garrett Inn - Sante Fe, New Mexico.   A small travel lodge which is good for an
overnight stay as it is located near the historical Sante Fe Plaza (walking distance),  
The Loretto Inn is just a half a block away, much nicer but far more expensive.
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                                           PACKING A SUITCASE

I usually travel light.   Here is how I pack my suitcase,   To save space, roll clothes into tiny   
sausages, and only fold clothing, like suit jackets, that do not readily roll. Stuff socks and any
small items into the various crevices around larger items. Put a second pair of shoes (you will
be wearing the first pair) into a plastic bag (or put each shoe into its own plastic bag) and pack
near the top of the clothing. Shoes with heels generally do well in the corners.  I stuff the shoes
with socks, under garments, breakable bottles, etc.  I only take the most essential toiletries and
leave a lot of my makeup at home.    At the end of your trip,  check out what you didn't use and
eliminate it the next time.   You will be surprised on how many clothes you didn't wear and how
much makeup and jewelry you didn't use.     Happy Vacationing!

Vinz - Escondido, California.   Serving great wine and a good place for
people watching!  They have entertainment on the weekends.  Check the schedule first.


Nice clean restaurant with good Mexican food.   I had a taco plate which I liked along
with a Negro Modelo beer.  This is a restaurant I will go back to again.Vin

Cenote's - Escondido, Ca.   Great Mexican restaurant.  They make a great
enchilada with the green sauce that is out of this world.  Located on El Norte Parkway -
you must check it out!

Airplane apps - Alaska Air; Delta and American each have their own apps to help you with air flying.

iExit - For when you are traveling on the road it gives you points of interest near interstate exits.  

Translate - Just what it says - translate English into the language of your choice

Timely - A great time zone and alarm program

World Lens - Take a picture of something written in a foreign language and it will translate it into English for