Many of you know I am a huge fan of Dr. Who, the BBC series that has been on and
off for 50+ years.  I only started to watch it after the 2005 reboot but I am told that
many people still think Tom Baker was the best Dr. Who.  I personally like David
Tennant as Dr. Who and was very up in the air when they announced that the new
Dr. Who was going to be a woman.  However, I really like her.  She reminds me a
lot of the way Tennant played the character with her offbeat sense of humor.  The
only problem with the series is that there are usually only about 8 episodes per
season and then you have to wait another year to see the next season.   I suggest
starting with the Season 9 of  Dr. Who (starting in 2005) with Christopher Eccleston
and binge watching through the current season.  You will get hooked!


Well, this is the last year for this sitcom.  I have enjoyed it over the years but the
writing is getting a little stale.  I recently read that according to Metro, Parsons,
Cuoco and Galecki all own shares worth one percent of Big Bang's total earnings
for Warner Bros year on year, which is believed to be around the $1 billion mark.
For UK readers that's a whopping £784,600,00!  The main cast of The Big Bang
Theory will still be raking it in once the show ends next year at the tune of $10
Million per year.


Cruise lines refute absolutely the suspicion that captains always depart at the
appointed time, even if it means leaving people behind, to encourage passengers
to buy cruise-organised excursions that carry no risk of this. Instead, they say, it is
down to avoiding penalty fees. Dockers and pilots (a local captain who joins the
bridge when ships enter and exit ports) are paid to be ready at the appointed hour
to guide the ship out. If there is a delay, it costs money. That sounds reasonable
until you hear the cruise director, in the same breath as joking about the missing
the ship, say the captain will wait if the line’s tours are not back for the all-aboard
time.   I have actually heard this same line so the question is will they really wait for
the cruises tour people.  I do not know but I do know that I have been on a ship
where they have sailed without passengers - they did not wait!
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                                        PACKING A SUITCASE

I usually travel light.   Here is how I pack my suitcase,   
To save space, roll clothes into tiny   sausages, and
only fold clothing, like suit jackets, that do not readily
roll. Stuff socks and any small items into the various
crevices around larger items. Put a second pair of
shoes (you will be wearing the first pair) into a plastic
bag (or put each shoe into its own plastic bag) and
pack near the top of the clothing. Shoes with heels
generally do well in the corners.  I stuff the shoes with
socks, under garments, breakable bottles, etc.  I only
take the most essential toiletries and leave a lot of my
makeup at home.    At the end of your trip,  check out
what you didn't use and eliminate it the next time.   You
will be surprised on how many clothes you didn't wear
and how much makeup and jewelry you didn't use.     
Happy Vacationing!

Airplane apps - Alaska Air; Delta and American each have their own apps to help you with air flying.

iExit - For when you are traveling on the road it gives you points of interest near interstate exits.  

Translate - Just what it says - translate English into the language of your choice

Timely - A great time zone and alarm program

World Lens - Take a picture of something written in a foreign language and it will translate it into English for

Cruise Ship Apps - Most cruise ships have their own applications which you can download.  It helps you to
navigate around the ship and usually includes the daily activity log.
Holland American Daily Activity
Westerdam - Mexico - November

Day 1 - November 2017
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