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Daytripping to Mexico  February 2017

About a month ago, after consuming a bottle of Sonoma Valley wine, my friend Patti and I talked
about doing a wine tour.  So instead of  heading up to the Temecula wine valley we thought let’s try
out Mexico’s wine valley.   Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe is only a couple of hours drive from the
California/Mexico border, where travelers can have a Napa Valley-type wine experience for a
fraction of the price. Valle de Guadalupe is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and is home to
100-plus wineries, producing highly-rated reds, whites and roses.

So, we decided to try out Valle de Guadalupe by using the services of San Diego’s based tour
group, DayTripper Tours.  Check out their website for many day tours that you can taken from San
Diego -
Daytripper's website.   After booking, we waited a whole month before we consumed any
more wine - ha ha!!  The day arrived on a partially sunny, cooler day for California.  I wasn’t too
worried about the weather because it never rains in sunny California and truer words were never

By the time we stopped to get everyone on board from the different locations, we arrived at the
border crossing about noon time.  Before they would let the bus into Mexico we had to complete a
Visa (make no mistakes because you cannot cross out the wrong word and write over it because
they could refuse you entrance into Mexico said Jennifer our tour guide).  Well you can guess
there were a few people who made mistakes but Jennifer was wrong, we all got into Mexico.  After
that ordeal we traveled down the road toward Ensenada toward the wine country.
Road sign to the
wine country Our tour was to stop at two separate wineries.  The first winery was L.A. Cetto is a
larger well known winery in the valley.  

L.A. Cetto's wines consistently take home top prizes for their excellence. Winemaker Camillo
Magoni was actually named "Top Winemaker in the World" in 2004, thanks in part to the wonders
he has worked with the Nebbiolo varietal at L.A. Cetto's Valle de Guadalupe property. His Nebbiolo
(a grape which he introduced in Mexico!) is known for being silky smooth with a vanilla nose, bright
stone-fruit flavors and a balanced finish.  
Cetto's Bottle of Wine

At this winery, our trip took on a different aspect.  We sat at a table with 6 lovely 30 year olds. The
Table of the Under 40 Year Olds    They were having the time of their life and graciously included
Patti and I in the group.  I thought Patti and I were pretty good wine drinkers but they certainly out
paced both of us.  We laughed through the whole lunch and the ladies taught us a new game to
play at the dinner table with friends.  It is called “Pearly Whites” .  The basics of the game are as
follows:   You pick a fruit or vegetable that you want to be.  Then you must say your name (peas)
and another person’s name at the table (apple) all the while by not showing any portion of your
teeth. The faces you make are hilarious so if you do, you take a drink.  It turned out very, very
funny, and, of course, the more you drank the funnier it became.   
Patti stealing a bottle of wine  
Patti and I stuck with this group the rest of the trip because we knew they were FUN!!!!  We all
were given names, Stella, Sasha, Side Dish, Boom Boom, Jennifer, Amber, Pete and Patrick -
which turned out to be Patrick’s real name!   
After lunch picture      Posing for a picture

La Casa de Lupe was the next winery we stopped at which was a more intimate setting for wine
tasting and chatting with friends.  
Cada de Lupe At this winery they have a wide variety of jellies
and jams they sell which are homemade and delicious.  They also have wild chickens which roam
through the wine trails, however, in Mexico you see wild chickens everywhere.  
My chicken picture
In addition to the wines,  I also tried a tequila/bailey’s drink which was quite good.  We spent about
a hour at this winery and then had to get on the bus for home.  The trip home was a little quiet
because some people took naps.   I wonder if the wine got to them?   
Patti and Rusty on the bus

Our  little day tripper tour came to an end when we reached the border and crossed back into the
Saying goodbye to our little friend It was a fun filled day with lots of laughter and meeting
some fantastic people.  Patti and I will be heading up to Napa for a wine tasting tour with our new
friends Emily (Sasha) and Paul (Pete).   
Emily and Paul from the S.F. area  I will be sure to write
about Napa as its has been about 40 years since I visited the wine country - I bet a lot has
                                  TURNING 100!  - BRUCE HAS A PARTY

I have a friend Bruce who turned 100 in May of 2017.   He resides at Cypress Terrance, an independent living facility in
Escondido, California.   We decided that he should have a party - after all you do not turn 100 but once in your life.

Bruce had a lovely dinner party for his very close friends and then the staff provided a party of their own.   Here is a couple

                             Bruce is standing next to me with the Lei flowers.


     In July my friend Kandy came down for a visit to Riverbank.   Her and I usually do a vacation together to some place
that we pick out by drawing a name out of a hat.  However, this time, it was just a visit to my house and we were both not
in the mood to fly.    So, we hung out, visited with my friend Joan who lives here and had a good time.   This year, we are
going to do the same thing - a visit to each other homes.   As we grow older we have discovered that we enjoy the down
time with friends and family.

We had a great time and my friends up here think she is a hoot!!!

                        MEXICO CRUISE - JOHN AND RUSTY

John and I decided to get away after Thanksgiving and decided on a cruise out of San Diego.   We had been on this
cruise several times already since we lived in the area.  Our plan was not to get off the ship but just relax, maybe a day
at the spa, and eat and drink to our heart's content.    You will not believe this - BUT that is just what we did.

e ran into a couple of long time friends from Escondido who were also on the cruise.  It was great to see them so we
spent most of our dinners with them but during the day went our separate ways.  

We had a great time and came back very relaxed.   Our next cruise will be to Alaska again in May 2018.

                                                                        Formal Night

                                                     The Arch in Cabo San Lucas


We ate at Rudi's Seafood Restaurant - They paint their own Chargers.   I want one but am going to have to make my
own as I could not find them for sale.

                                                      Our friends Mary and Barbara