Darango, Colorado
Riverbank, California
Quartzsite, Arizona
Wine Country Tour
Sante Fe, N.M.
Trips Taken


   In July my friend Kandy came down for a visit to Riverbank.   Her and I usually do a vacation together to some place that
we pick out by drawing a name out of a hat.  However, this time, it was just a visit to my house and we were both not in the
mood to fly.    So, we hung out, visited with my friend Joan who lives here and had a good time.   This year, we are going to
do the same thing - a visit to each other homes.   As we grow older we have discovered that we enjoy the down time with
friends and family.

We had a great time and my friends up here think she is a hoot!!!

                      MEXICO CRUISE - JOHN AND RUSTY

John and I decided to get away after Thanksgiving and decided on a cruise out of San Diego.   We had been on this
cruise several times already since we lived in the area.  Our plan was not to get off the ship but just relax, maybe a day
at the spa, and eat and drink to our heart's content.    You will not believe this - BUT that is just what we did.

We ran into a couple of long time friends from Escondido who were also on the cruise.  It was great to see them so we
spent most of our dinners with them but during the day went our separate ways.  

We had a great time and came back very relaxed.   Our next cruise will be to Alaska again in May 2018.

                                                                      Formal Night

                                                   The Arch in Cabo San Lucas

We ate at Rudi's Seafood Restaurant - They paint their own Chargers.   I want one but am going to have to make my
own as I could not find them for sale.

                                                    Our friends Mary and Barbara

Well, I have made my 5th trip to Alaska this May.   I spent a
couple days in Anchorage with John at the Captain Cook Hotel and
then moved on to the cruise portion of the trip out of Seaward.   
We had a very nice time but as I have seen the sights several
times already I really do not have much to write about.  So, this
time, I am just going to add a few pictures for you to see.

John walking with a Moose in Anchorage